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Database Methods

Getting Started with LibreOffice Base

Use RelationshipbetweenDatabaseParts.gif this image as a guideline to better understand the components of a modern desktop database such as Microsoft Access, LibreOffice Base or OpenOffice base and see how they fit together and relate to one another. General project guidelines/suggestions.

The database has four parts: tables, forms, queries, reports. The relationship between parts of a desktop database is:

Users input (and may later also seek output).

Input can be error prone. The human elements are error checked without thinking... e.g. "can you repeat that, please?"

Sample of data gathering process:

  1. Specify the questions to ask
  2. Ask people the questions
  3. Record the answers to paper (using a data capture form - DCF)
  4. Enter the answers from paper into the database

After entry into the database the data is much less likely to be thought of as incorrect. But “garbage in, garbage out” is the overriding rule.

"To err is human" implies that machines do not make mistakes. But just because a computer does something correctly 1 trillion times, does not mean that the 1 trillion and first time that no error will occur. Neither does this allow for the possibility that the computer will do the 'right' thing with the wrong data; ergo "garbage in, garbage out".

Data capture should be validated earlier rather than later, as later detection means more time, effort and money.

Tip: LO Base and OO Base might not be the best applications in which to make database reports. So instead, use Base to store the data and Writer for the reports. Just use the skills you learned in mail-merge and labels.

Tip: Need a sum, count or average calculation in a report? First create a query making an entry in the Function field, above the Criterion. Then create another query (this time using the wizard) that joins data from the first query with the data you want in the report. Then use Writer for the report, mail-merging using the records from the second query.


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